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Picture of Sophia Kalliaras

Hi there,
I'm Sophia!

I am passionate about crafting user-centric solutions that are as elegant as they are functional, ensuring a delightful user experience. Navigating through chaotic details is my forte, turning them into approachable designs that can speak the user's language.

Currently I'm working for VMware as a Marketing Manager in San Francisco. I'm beyond excited to pivot into the captivating Product realm!

If you would like to connect, (or grab some coffee if you're local to SF!), please email me at Thanks for stopping by my portfolio, it's been a pleasure to have you!

Other Interests
  • I enjoy making epoxy resin art, which turned into a small business during Covid lockdown (check it out on Etsy: SophiaTamaraArt).​

  • I've recently moved from San Diego to San Francisco, which meant leaving behind my surfboard and picking up a snowboard! I'll be spending most of the upcoming winter weekends as a liability up in the mountains.

  • Film photography - just getting into this and starting out with 35mm on an OM10.

  • Reading - I especially enjoy utopian/dystopian fiction and romance books. 

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